Using Dried Flowers to Decorate Your Office


The biophilia hypothesis states that humans instinctively seek a connection with nature. This is partly why people are willing to shell out a premium for spaces with a view, and why most hotels, restaurants, and workplaces have some form of landscaping or potted plants.

How an office space looks makes a significant impression on the people conducting business there. How it looks and feels to a client could be a major deciding factor or the final clincher for signing off on a deal. If an office looks well thought out and well cared for, that also leaves an impression that the company also thinks things through as a whole and takes care of its clients.

Those working in the office are spending a large part of their waking hours in that space, so it needs to be designed for productivity and wellness. Potted plants and flowers are an easy and purposeful way to enhance an office. They add a final touch to office décor without taking up too much space or being too distracting.



Dried flowers are so chic and add visual interest to any office space. Even if the interiors have very minimal colors and lines, a vase of dried flowers adds volumes of style. 

Choose a dried flower arrangement that is proportionate to the surface and area that it will be placed in. A more voluminous arrangement in a medium-sized vase looks great in a reception area that has very little or no other décor.



Tiny arrangements on smaller tables are perfect for meetings in twos or threes, still leaving enough space for coffee cups or mobile phones on the surface.

A vase of flowers is a great way to prevent clutter on surfaces. It would be easy to leave piles of papers on top of this cubby, but with the vase here, people are guided to shelve documents properly. 


For many people running an office by themselves without an office custodian or much other assistance, low maintenance is key with office décor. Dried flowers are easy to move around as needed, and don’t need to be watered. Go on business trips for days, or work at home or in transit without having to worry if your desk plant will be dead by the time you come back to the office.



When you already have a lot on your mind about work, it truly helps to have one less thing to worry about. By decorating with dried flowers, you can focus more of your time and attention on your business, while still maintaining a beautiful space both you and your clients can feel good in.


All arrangements from this post are custom-made for our Client.

Photos by Phoebe Espejo 

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