Decked Out for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to deck the halls, and the dining tables too.

Our regular client loves Christmastime and requested us to help her change the mood in her home. We were happy to bring in some Yuletide cheer to her dining room, where she and her family have their meals and also entertain guests. 

The dining table is the focal point and center of activity in the dining room. It’s where everyone comes to converge and bond over a good meal and good conversation. Even if you don’t deck the halls in your home with holiday décor, decking out the dining table creates a festive holiday mood, whether or not you’re having people over.

We came up with this eucalyptus and dried seasonal blooms as a centerpiece that spans nearly the full length of the dining table but is not too wide so that there’s still ample space to fit all of those wine glasses and other dinnerware. 


Our client wanted the dining table to have a similar theme as her creative Christmas tree, comprised of Chanel and Hermes boxes. We chose candlesticks close to that Hermes shade of orange, and some amber glass vessels and ribbon for that Chanel noir. The more subtle shape and shade of green of eucalyptus seemed like the perfect base, instead of spiky, deep pine greens. 


To add textures without bulk, we used elements of varying heights and made sure that people can still see each other across the table. We’ve all been at tables where we’re almost playing hide and seek with the person across us because the centerpiece has blocked the view.

Tying in that holiday vibe, we added a few Christmas balls made of paper and ribbon, inspired by unwrapping the paper and ribbon from a Christmas present or unboxing a Chanel or Hermes treasure.


Because the flowers in the centerpiece are dried, the client only had to dress her table once for the holidays. She doesn’t have to worry about leaves turning brown or losing shape. With dried arrangements, you can focus on other things during the Christmas rush, like making your list and checking it twice.

We regularly style homes, office spaces, and special occasions aside from creating custom arrangements. Please send us a message at and we’ll be happy to help.

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